Youth Media Movement


I hereby give consent for my child to take part in all the International Mandela Day School Coding Tournament activities of YMM including visits to places of interest for the Tournament. 
I fully understand and accept that all activities, shall be undertaken at my child’s risk. I undertake on behalf of myself, my executors, my spouse and my child to indemnify YMM, the Organisers and YMM Staff/Volunteers against and from any and all claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with any loss or damage to property, or injury to the person of my child.
I accept that all reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of my child and that I shall be held responsible for the payment of medical and / or hospital accounts, where applicable, should any injury be sustained.
I cede my powers as parent / guardian to the Volunteers of the YMM or his / her representative should medical treatment / surgery be deemed necessary for my child. In the event of an emergency and I / we am / are unable to be contacted, I authorize the YMM to have my child treated at my expense by a doctor nominated by the YMM.
As far as I know he / she is in good health. However, the persons responsible should please note the following: (Please state aspects that the YMM staff/ Volunteers  should be aware of e.g. allergies, tendency towards abnormal bleeding, epilepsy, etc.)

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