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The Youth Media Movement from 2007 to 2022: History, Aims and Purpose

Our history

Since 2008, the founders of The Youth Media Movement have identified the increasing lack of opportunities for young people from marginalized communities to participate in the audio visual, digital media and 4IR industries as a key area of need.


It is towards the objective of developing programmes and creating opportunities for youth that the principals of the Youth Media Movement and their strategic partners embarked on a series of programmes to stimulate skills development in digital media, communication and 4IR industries for youth from Mitchells Plain and surrounding areas. Amongst these was the placement of trainees through our mentorship programmes on various productions and in learnerships in ICT, Librarianship, Drone and 3D printer building, maintenance and operation.

Over the years the YMM has – besides managing much of the training itself – placed trainees on various production courses at educational institutions, started media clubs in 42 high & primary schools in Western Cape, produced videos of the youths’ own stories (screening these at film festivals), created pods of excellence in most media categories and moved onto more technical skills – providing occupational opportunities for youth and unemployed members of the community. There are many success stories of placement of those who have passed through the YMM

Inspired by these developments as well as the demands from our strategic partners, YMM has expanded its offerings over the years, often ahead of the curve to ensure that the focus of the training would be to stimulate skills development and production opportunities for young people in a dynamic and constantly expanding way. In 2019, the introduction of the 4 IR aligned programme on Drone and 3D Printer building, operation and maintenance provided the impetus for an innovative localized development plan – creating the Cape Flats in Cape Town as a hub for 4 IR related manufacturing, training, occupational focus and income-generating programmes.

With its focus on Building our Digital and 4th Industrial Revolution Community the YMM successfully ran workshops in 2020 with 100 learners, teachers and parents, and another accredited course for 30 differently enabled people (also called People with Disabilities) in Building and maintaining 3 D printers and Drones (including flying the drones) and continues to offer training for learners in film and video-making, a key skill needed in the 21st Century world of telling stories visually. As a newly awarded Institute of Sectoral and Occupational Excellence (one of only two ISOE’s in the Western Cape and 1 of 15 appointed ISOE’s by the MICT Seta) in 2021, the YMM has expanded its accredited courses – including Coding Unplugged & Software Development, Drone Design (as a Solid Works Incubator), 21st C Skills Development, and an agile selection of global and local courses, including certification from the University of Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela University, UWC and national industry bodies. A cohort of learners from Kayelitsha, Mitchell’s Plain and Phillippi will be graduating in December

For Youth Week in July 2021, the YMM also hosted the first Webinar in the Western Cape on Building our 4 IR Communities, with government, industry leaders and academics front-lining the discussion – from Premier Alan Winde, to the new Superintendent General of Education, to the WC Manager of the Civil Aviation Authority… As a member of the Drone Council, of many industry-related bodies, and a participant in drawing up new standards in the 4 IR training space, while registered with the MICT Seta, ETDP Seta, AGRI Seta and CHIETA, we invite you to watch the YMM space…with an exciting new programme in January 2022 with the Chemical Industry Sector


registered with the

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