Our Background

Since 2007, the founders of The Youth Media Movement has identified the increasing lack of opportunities for young people from marginalised communities to participate in the audio visual and digital media industry. It is towards this objective that the principals of the Youth Media Movement and their strategic partners embarked on a series of programmes to start the process of stimulating a skills development programme in the digital media industry for youth from Mitchells Plain and surrounding areas. Amongst these was the placement of trainees through our mentorship programme on various productions.  Placement of trainees on various production courses at educational institutions, and the starting of media clubs in all of the 15 high schools in Mitchells Plain. Inspired by these developments as well as the demands from our strategic partners, YMM embarked on a process towards setting up a more permanent structure that could begin to stimulate skills development and production opportunities for young people on a more permanent basis.

It was agreed that The Youth Media Movement should be established by the beginning of 2009.  Its key objectives should be as follows:   Key Objectives The core objective of The Youth Media Movement is to establish and position itself as a key player in the development and provision of strategic training and skills development programmes for young people in Mitchells Plain and in surrounding areas.   The specific objectives of The Youth  Media  Movement  are:

  • To develop, promote and supply the Local, South African and African digital media industry with skilled personnel.
  • To manage the training and development skills programme of various associate partners.
  • To provide and encourage the provision of opportunities for persons, especially from historically disadvantaged communities to acquire the required skills to enter and participate in the digital audio visual industry.
  • To contribute to an enabling environment for job creation and cultural enrichment;
  • To address historical imbalances in the development, infrastructure and distribution of skills and resources in the South African media industry;
  • To position The Youth Media Movement as one of the leading agents for the development of the digital media skills development sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish The Youth Media Movement as an agent for the development of young, talented and innovative young people from marginalised communities who can reflect our own world.

Our Mission

The Youth Media Movement’s mission is to continue expanding its offerings, ahead of the curve, of accredited programmes which create opportunities and provide skills development in digital media, communication and 4 IR industries for the youth of Mitchell’s Plain and surrounding areas.
As an Institute of Sectoral and Occupational Excellence, the YMM’s mission is to ensure that the focus of its cross-sectoral partnerships and training stimulates dynamic, relevant and practical skills development programmes, which provide production and manufacturing opportunities within the 4 IR landscape – creating the Cape Flats as a quality HUB for 4 IR-related manufacturing, training, incubation, occupational focus and income-generating programmes for the youth and full community.

The YMM’s purpose is to create a forward-looking, economically successful and thriving environment for an aspirational youth and community – accessing full and committed support and resources from business and agencies created to provide such developmental support.

Mitchell's Plain

The history and political background that created this historic area.

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