Description of the youth media initiative

The end-product of The Youth Media Movement’s efforts is a local and regional network of media clubs and skills development programmes supported by the necessary structures, to ensure high quality service, delivery of innovative programmes and sustainability. There are currently few institutions where young media producers from Mitchell Plain at various levels of skill can go to obtain services, information and support. This approach aims to implement and optimize the use of monitored skills development support by supplementing their activity through constant monitoring, development and encouragement. By forging alliances with other institutions we hope to increase our impact on their skills development programme. The Youth Media Movement will provide a one-stop, integrated digital media skills centre and programme. Our objective is to address the needs of  media producers through the provision of relevant services, information and opportunities which will enable them to be more productive. The Youth Media Movement aims to empower media and digital content producers at all levels, especially the disadvantaged, with access to development information, services and resources for their own and broader economic, social and cultural development. The Youth Media Movement seeks to provide access to integrated, cost effective and responsive skills development information, resources and economic development services and opportunities:
  • Provide access to and the use of  technology to enhance the quality skills development programmes.
  • Enhance the decentralization of media  skills development,  services and opportunities
  • Promote proper management and control of public and other stakeholder resources
  • Enhance co-operation amongst  media  stakeholders and other interested parties.
  • Provide an additional mechanism for two way engagements between stakeholders and service-providers.
  • Provide a base and support function for other media stakeholder programmes and opportunities.
  • Provide self-improvement opportunities to digital content creators and other interested youth. .
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